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TAKempis Internet Programming Home

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News as of April 2007

I have been remiss in maintaining this web site I'm afraid for several years now.

The biggest reason is that I've just been too darned busy with work and work-related business to do it, and I knew that it would be a big job. Is this an excuse? No, it's a reason.

As an early "abuser" of the WWW, I had to deal with the vagaries of its' childhood, the browser wars, the poor HTML standards, stuff which you may know about, or may have only heard about.

I started working on the WWW in the early 1990's, and used Microsoft FrontPage starting with the first Microsoft version of it. Did FrontPage have problems? You bet it did. But the whole freakin' WWW had problems when FrontPage was born. Looking back, it was a great exercise in "chicken salad surgery" - the art of the workaround.

But I grew, and the WWW grew as well. Today, the browser wars are history, perhaps even mythology to some. The early HTML specifications have been replaced with the newer, extensible XHTML standards, and inline HTML attributes have all but been replaced by CSS. But as we grew, so did this web site, and I'm sorry to say that behind the scenes, it wasn't pretty. Talk about Tag Soup!

I don't use FrontPage any more, and neither will anyone else for very long. FrontPage is being superseded by Microsoft Expression Web, and Expression Web is now a part of the new "Design" family at Microsoft, a welcome change, considering the development of web-related programming technologies. I also use Microsoft Visual Studio, and I don't do just web applications any more. I do Microsoft .Net applications of all sorts.

But when I do ASP.Net, I use both Visual Studio and Expression Web. Expression Web is a marvelous set of design tools for "web user interfaces." a newer and probably better term for what is still generally referred to as "web sites" these days.

So, as my work load has become more manageable, I stopped by the old stomping grounds and discovered the shameful state that this web site is in. So, armed with Expression Web, I am attempting to make amends. I've done about 3 days of work on the old girl, and there's still quite a lot to accomplish.

Please be patient. All of the existing ASP.Net articles, all of the relevant Classic ASP articles, and one or 2 of the Classic ASP tutorials are back in shape now, and as I find time, the rest (and more) will come. But my work week has only dwindled from about 60 to about 50 hours at this point, so it will take awhile!

You Know ... Al Franken
You Know ... Al Franken

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